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Feb 20, 2017

Hi all,

I'm designing a training where our clients want users to be able to freely navigate between each slide/section, however they want certain slides (such as quiz questions) to be required. So, if there was a required slide at the end of Section 1, the student couldn't click to Sections 2, 3, 4 etc. until they answered a question correctly on the one slide.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your help,


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Ali Goulet

Hey Joseph,

Welcome to Heroes, happy you're here! I believe this tutorial on how to disable or hide the next button temporarily may be a great option for you for those particular slides. If that doesn't do it for you, perhaps sharing a sample of the setup you're working on will give our community members here a bit more of an idea as to what you're looking to do specifically. :)

Joseph Yankus

Hi Ali,

Thanks for sending that along. I'm not sure if that would work since they would still have access to the navigation bar on the left.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share anything due to the nature of the training itself, but hopefully an explanation will help:

The training is designed so participants can skip through sections/slides as needed because there is a disparity in newbies taking this and experienced members. So, the client wants the flexibility for everyone to be able to click through the training and skip through sections/slides as needed, however they DO want only certain slides to be required and pretty much "block" progression until the user interacts with the slide.

For example, in the Introduction section, participants read through instructions on how to navigate the training and then have to answer a Yes/No question of do they understand the instructions. The way it's currently configured, the user can simply click past this question into another section in the nav bar and Storyline won't stop them. Ideally, users can click through slides/sections at their discretion but be prompted and brought back to a required slide if they try to click past it.

Does this make any more sense?


Ali Goulet

Hey Joe! Thanks for clarifying that a bit further. For those particular slides, you can also choose to hide the Menu on the left. You can do this in Story View in the Slide Properties panel by selecting Custom For Selected Slides in the Player Features dropdown, then unchecking the Menu option. Take a peek at the screenshot below for reference: 

Then if you use the first tutorial I shared to disable the next button until the student has completed the slide, they'll be locked into it with no options to jump forward. 

Ali Goulet

Hey Joseph! Hmm, that's a bit trickier. Since you want students to be able to freely click through the menu and skip around, there isn't going to be a built-in way to force them to go to certain ones. Just as a jumping off point, one option may be to set up a custom menu slide with all the lessons to choose from and make a condition for the next button to be enabled that certain lessons/slides linked on that slide must be visited. It's a little more abstract than just having the regular menu, but if you play around with it, it may turn out to meet your needs. 

I'll have to defer to the community on other ideas for how to accomplish this. If you start building something and run into questions, sharing a sample or example of your setup would be great for further input if you're able to take out the proprietary information. 

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