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Dec 12, 2013

Hi. Is there any way to allow users to browse a test (generated randomly from questions in a test bank) so that they can look through the quiz and then go back and change answers before actually submitting?

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david mckisick

Thanks. Yes, I would like to know the mechanics of how Storyline does it's scoring. For example, I don't think the Submit button is necessary. I don't think a test participant really must click the Submit button to trigger Storylines built-in scoring algorithms. Since I can have my participants answer the questions without using the Submit button and then just link to the Results slide at the end, will they get the correct scoring?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

A submit button is not required, but a submit trigger is. For example, if you'd prefer that the user doesn't click a button to submit the interaction, you could set it up based on submitting the interaction: when the timeline ends, or when the user hovers over an object, or when a state changes on a button...the list goes on.  

The basic design is that the quiz answer and the over score has to pass associated with an action, so you can trigger it without a button, but it needs some way to communicate with the slide/quiz and determine the total and then pass it to your LMS. 

david mckisick

Thanks for that answer Ashley, but I have more questions!!

So, I kind of need to understand what the Submit button does. I have an 80 question test. Users ~must~ be able to review their answers at any time and be able to change their answers if they want to, even multiple times BEFORE they submit the whole test at the same time. So, in other words, they will take the test then be given a chance to change their answers. When they are ready, they will then be able to Submit. I have found this to not work right however, because of:

1. I need a way to allow users to exit the review process from any question and be able to return back to the "submit" page.

2. They need to be able to submit all their answers at the same time just by pressing one single button.

In actual practice, I have found that I think all the Submit button actually does is lock the answer. I really don't think it does anything else. I think this because right now this test actually kind of works. Here is the funny thing though.. At no point do I actually have them click a Submit button, or use a Submit trigger! At the "Submit" page, all that really happens is they link to the Results page. It works like this:

1. Users get instructions and then take the test strictly by selecting answers and then clicking the NEXT button as they move through the 80 questions. When they finish the 80th question they are then directed to a "Submit" page giving them the option to review the test and change their answers OR click they can click the custom "Submit" button. this custom "Submit" button is actually triggers to "Advance to the Results page when clicked". the Results page shows them their score and then they are told to notify the proctor for further instruction. This is a full Certification test, so result scores must be accurate, which is what I am testing now. If this is NOT the proper way to get an accurate final score, please let me know how to do this.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Happy to answer more questions.

If you'd like the users to be able to review their answers prior to officially submitting (or locking in the answers) you can choose to submit them all at once, as it sounds like you've set up. The directions on how to enable that are here.  I'm not certain if you reviewed this tutorial, but it sounds like you're setting it up exactly as described to have an option to "review" before submitting, so you're right on target! 

david mckisick

Thanks again Ashley. I guess I was a bit vague with that last question. I wish to know how the Submit button works so that I can figure out if the scoring will be calculated incorrectly using the method I described above, which is the same method from the Tutorial. I have noticed some differences in the calculations so appreciate the info.

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