Free sample - Restricted and Free Random Navigation Using Variables and Triggers

Feb 24, 2016

How do I make the users visit different topics in my module in order?

How do I allow users to visit topics in my module in the order of their choice?

How do I keep track of which topic they have visited?

How do I ensure they have visited all topics before they move on?

Here is a sample story that does all these things. It allows either free or restricted navigation, tracks topics visited, and gives the user visual confirmation of progress through the topics.  It uses custom buttons, but the triggers can be applied to built-in Next and Previous buttons.

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Kay Patel

Hi Walt


I have tried to replicate the mix slide and for some reason by end button appears all the time.

I also deleted your button and added it back in and now I am getting the same results.

Can you tell me how you have made the end button appear after everything items have been visited as I have copied it step by step and it is not working for me?



Kay Patel

Thank you Wendy for your help, I closed my file without saving it due to frustration what I will do is recreate it and upload it again.

I am sure that I am following it line by line but now that you mentioned the order I am going to be extra careful.

I also have a feeling that if I plan the pages out then add all the variables that I am going to have to the same issue.


Samantha Franzwa

So I know I'm late to the party, but I'm having quite a time getting my custom navigation to work with variables.

Here's the low down:

I have 7 custom objects to navigate the course.  I want the learner to access 1-6 in any order.  Object 7 is the Knowledge Check.  I want them to only access after completing 1-6.

I created a custom state called "Completed."  I created 6 variables for the respective objects to adjust to completed when timeline starts.  Everything's working fine.  Then I create a variable for object 7 and trigger to adjust variable to True when 1-6 states are completed.  This should allow me to click on object 7 now and jump to the assessment.  Snap, it doesn't.

I know it's a silly little thing I'm missing, but I'm heading to the roof, so I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for any assistance you can give.


Walt Hamilton

I don't think you need a variable for object 7.

If you set object 7's initial state to hidden, you need a trigger to change its state to normal when timeline of slide starts on condition that the value of variables 1 - 6 are = True.

Or if you like to tease your user by having a visible but non-working button, you can set the initial state of object 7 to normal, and the trigger to jump to the assessment when the user clicks on condition that objects 1 - 6 = True. Remember: variables don't do anything; they are only sticky notes on the wall to keep track of things.

Samantha Franzwa

Thank you for your quick response!  I took the teaser route for object 7; navigation is finally working per expectation, but now the blasted states do not change.  I had them set by user click, then by variable change, but they stay in the normal state either way, thus the user doesn't know which topic they've completed.  Well, back to the roof!

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