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I am currently in the process of purchasing a Learning Management System for our business.

In the meantime however, we would like to publish a Storyline 2 course for our customers to view (no tracking needed) at their leisure, and i'm looking for somewhere free i can host the content and send them a link to run it.

Does anyone have any ideas? Tried GoogleDrive but i cannot seem to get it to work correctly, Dropbox may work but its fee paid and i cannot try it without signing up and giving card details etc which is a lot of messing around getting sign off for the 'potential' credit card spend etc.

Many thanks in advance.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kev, 

A lot of users utilize the Google Drive method as detailed in that article - so could you tell us more about what's not working? I know that some users have had difficulty accessing it with the link created - and it's typically due to how to pull the link and ensure it's the right one. If you're able to share here - we can take a look as well. 

Kevin Raspin

Hi Ashley,

I've actually just managed to get the Google Drive method to work! VERY HAPPY!!

The issue was that when uploading the files, it was not uploading the 'folders' it was only uploading the files from the published content, some kind of JAVA issue on my machine. Therefore when i was running the course, it was not loading correctly because most of the content was missing!

I've had JAVA updated on my machine, uploaded the missing files and it now works perfectly!

It had been giving me a headache for days, driven me nuts!

I can finally stop running off CD copies of the courses off now :)

Many thanks for your assistance!