Free: SL360 Drag/Drop Customizable Template

Feb 07, 2020

Hello StoryCreators!  I thought I would post a template for a drag and drop that I use that I thought might be helpful.  Sarah Hodge inspired me with her creation (Self-Talk Template) that she posted a few days ago and I mentioned that I would post one of my examples as well.  

There are oodles of ways to create drag and drop interactions with Storyline, and there are built in templates to use as well.  I like this template because it is customizable and gives the user control over resetting the interaction or leaving it completed.  This also returns incorrect draggers, and leaves correct ones upon submit (locking them down until they are reset so they cannot be moved again). 

There are quite a few triggers, but it uses 11 total variables for the file which allows up to 5 draggers, but more could be added pretty easily now that we have the awesome new triggers panel! 

The interaction is a one for one match, there are no outliers (i.e. 5 draggers and 5 total drop areas, it is 5 for 5). Hopefully this is helpful, happy to answer any questions.  





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