Free Text Entry vs Moodle


I've been breaking my head for some time now and I just don't find the (probably obvious) solution.

I'm also unable to find the answer on the forums. I apologize in advance if this question has been already asked and answered.

In fact, I've been asked to put a small text online, a kind of statement for agreement which needs to be "signed" by everybody.

It's a very short text, which needs to be signed and dated.

So my first problem is :

I don't manage to add two Quiz / Freeform / Text Entry on my one slide

I'm not sure how to make it so there's no right or wrong answer considering the person who'll fill this in will need to enter his/her own name and the day this is being signed.

Then, I tried to publish this into Moodle and there, impossible to find any possible data I ever could have written down in my SCORM.

Isn't there a way to find back whatever data is being written in a SCORM in the Moodle reports ?

For instance, can't I use either a free text ? Wouldn't it work ? Would Moodle see this ? It's after all just to gather a name and a date whenever a new employee reads the statement (and agrees).

I'm honestly at a total loss.

If anyone would have some time to help, this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you ! Regards, Nadège


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Nadege B


In the meantime, thanks to a very useful .story template, I've managed to do what I needed.

Still remain though that in Moodle, I can't see what I filled in

I can see that this is completed and 'Passed' but where can I see any kind of details ?

I published it as SCORM 1.2

Thanks again ! Regards, Nadège

Michael Shannon

There is another way to do this. Put an attestation statement above a checkbox on a quiz slide. You then use the results slide to confirm that they have agreed to the statement. If they are registered, the time, date and name will be logged by the LMS so there's really no need to have them add that information as you'll already have it. 

Nadege B

Hello, Thank you for your answers ... Checkbox does sound like a better option indeed .. but then, is there a way in Articulate to filled in the name of the person who takes the "statement" automatically (with some kind of link with his/her Moodle account) ?

And it doesn't need per se to be a SCORM indeed. However they want to have a nice layout where one can enter his name (or not if this can be done automatically) .

I found elsewhere in the forums a very nice trick to get it printed but sadly what they want mainly is a nice few on reports which would show the name, date and the acknowledgement (now with a checkbox this may ease this flow I believe)

Sorry for the many hesitations and questions. I'm still quite new to this and your help is very welcome.

Thanks again, Regards, Nadege

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nadege,

There isn't a way to automatically pull the users name from your LMS into your Storyline file - but you could include a spot for them to enter their name such as a text entry field. Also, lots of other users have implemented Javascript options to communicate variables from the LMS to the Storyline file and back, so you may want to search through those type of examples in the forums.