Free tool for Bulk Translation of Exported Translation.

Oct 18, 2015

Please find a tool which you can use for bulk translation of Exported translation doc file, in a wide array of language.

This tool was designed, to finish a project where translation has to be done for a course in multiple languages. 

Articulate Storyline 2's File > Translation > Export feature came handy as we could export out "Word Document with Reference Column".


We wrote a tool, that would take the above mentioned word document and auto translate it to a specified language and published out a table. 

Report with Translation in Spanish

This table can then be used to hand pick the translation and modify the word file, which can later be exported back.

Go ahead and use it for your project - hope you would find it useful !


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Stratbeans C

The tool currently is not available for free usage since Feb 16, because more than expected response and underlying 3rd party api cost it was difficult to keep it free.

However, we undertake specific translation service requests. Clients provide us with their articulate translation file, and selects target language(s) and we use the tool internally and return them back in the target language. Client can then import that inside Storyline and move ahead with their project.

If you may need that service, feel free to reach out. 

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