FREEBIE: Drop Down Quiz Answers (E-Learning Challenge 164)

Hello all,

This is my source file for E-Learning Challenge 164. 

To make this work, I created a free form "Pick One" question.  I then built the "Drop down" menu using layers.  I created additional variables under each questions so that the learner could see the selected answer.

A few other notes:

  1. On each "drop down menu" layer, there is an invisible shape behind the menu options, but covering the rest of the slide.  There is a trigger to restore the base layer in the case the mouse moves over this invisible shape.  This gives the mouse and "island" to move over while they select their answer to the quiz question.  Once they move their mouse from the island, the base layer is restored.   I wasn't having consistent results with the "Restore on mouse leave" function, so this was a fail-safe.
  2. The only possible answers to this questions are a "Correct" and "Incorrect" button that's off screen.  The right combination of answers will change the state of the Correct button to selected before submission.  The wrong combination of answers will cause Incorrect button to be selected.

Feel free to look at and pick apart for your own use.

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