FREEBIE: Gamify your course with Achievements

Apr 26, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been around but I've been so busy setting up my own company ( next to my regular day job that I just did not have the time.

Now that I am back I wanted to share this cool Achievements setup I put together.

Check out my screencast on how to set this up:

I've also added the file so have fun!

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Rich Calcutt

Hi Jeff - Really nice idea. I've experimented with achievements before but it was not as sophisticated as this. 

Out of interest - what sorts of things do you envisage people getting achievements for? I'd like to incorporate this into my courses as appropriate, but I'd want learners to get achievement for more than just completing each section. 

Before, I gave achievements for finding hidden easter eggs, or for when learners gave particularly good/bad answers to quiz questions. 

What are your thoughts on the specific application of an achievement system?

Best, Rich

Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Richard,

It kind of depends on the course. Ideally you'd have some meaningful achievements, but it does not have to be all that serious. Having funny achievements can work as well (depending on your audience) and basic ones could work in organizations that are quite new to the concept.

You could have achievements for reviewing a quiz (to encourage to look at their mistakes and thus creating another learning opportunity). So it is really about what would work in a specific situation.

Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Alan, it could be. You could award all kinds of achievements. e.g. for completing the course, for trying the quiz more then once, for going through a scenario multiple times, that kind of thing. As I explained, ideally you would want to award achievements (or badges) for meaningful things (getting though a chapter isn't such per se). The idea mainly is that, just like in a game, people are additionally motivated to do something if they can get something in return (get an achievement, unlock a section of the course etc).

If you'd go for the quiz option you could have a 'passed' achievement, a review quiz achievement, a 100% achievement. This could encourage your user to retake the quiz until they get a 100%. That means, if your quiz supplies proper feedback per question, they just might be motivated to go beyond the passing score and try the perfect score... and have additional chances to learn what you are testing them on.

Hope this explains it better.

Michał Kiciński

hello, I need a game for many learners and I have few questions how to do:

-  own logins for the learners

- The game with the lock and unlock levels... but the point is that I need to do the course which can be completed in several phazes (when you switch the computer off and then on again you continue on the level that you alreaddy achieve).

Would you be so kind and help me?

Best regards,


Ivy Naa Hesse

Hi Everyone,

I'm using learndash to deliver my articulate course content. Each course is broken up into modules, lessons and assessments. and each lesson has interactive elements. How do I link users progress through entire course if the course file is not one giant file but individually broken up into lessons under modules?