#FREEBIE: Minimalistic Storyline player menu and navigation controls

Hey everyone,

I've been playing around with a new menu with navigation controls.

Check out the YouTube video right here

The template contains

  • the menu plus nav controls on the left and right side of the screen
  • Dark and light grey versions for left hand section
  • Dark and light grey, blue, red, green and yellow versions for the right hand side

Everything is put on a Master slide so you can adapt anything you want right there. If you have any questions or comments drop me a line in the comments or contact me directly.

Play with it here  |  Download the Storyline2 source file here


- For more freebies check out my personal blog

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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Angela, when you've created your chapter scenes (or pages) you can update the triggers in the Master slide. The next and previous buttons should already work as they are added as triggers on the Master slides.

Since you're not using the default prev/next buttons Storyline won't build out the flow of the pages and scenes. If you want you can add hotspots on to of the navigation items on slide level.

Does that answer your question?