Hi there,

Having some issues when I create a free form interaction.

When in insert a freeform and set up all the interaction, an anoying white box appears across the top of the side.  It only does this on some slides.  When previewing it or publishing, it looks normal. Its only in the edit view.

Anyone else having this issue?

I have attached an image of what I mean

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

I couldn't figure out why that box was on there, it doesn't seem to be an object that I can remove. But I did find that if I copied all the elements and placed them on a new slide, the box didn't come with it. So I recreated your interaction on this slide - hope I got all the elements! If it happens again with another interaction, please send it to us as a Support case so that our team can dig a bit deeper.