Freeform D&D frustration

Dec 11, 2018


From my understanding, the Freeform option is there to make the quizzing options more tailored (visually interesting, less strict from a design standpoint).

All I want to do is have the user to select their answer and put it in the box. Then click my submit button (not the player's button) to submit the interaction.  

I don't know why this isn't working.  I've tried all manner of re-organizing the Form View, messing around with states and getting creative with triggers and conditions.  Nothing is working.

QUESTION: Why can't I tell SL which one is right, and which ones are wrong, allowing all items to be droppable options? 

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Tracy Buthe

Here's what I did. On the slide in scene one, I turned off the Submit button in the slide properties window. I added a trigger to the Submit button you added to Submit the Interaction. Then, I went into the Form view of the freeform question and added each choice as a Drag Item. This seems to have fixed it. I have attached the file for you to reference.

Hope this is what you were looking for!




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