freeform D&D show correct answer in quiz review storyline

At the end of a chapter i have a quiz including freeform d&d. After the quiz i want the user to see wich tasks are wrong or right. Furthermore if its wrong i want to show the correct answer. My Qquestion is, can i put the hidden right answer on a d&d side and the answer appears when the user looks at the results?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Thomas!

Great question! I've noticed a few discussions that include steps on how to show the correct answer on a Drag and Drop slide.

Here are the discussions:

Showing Drag and Drop Answers on Another Slide

How show correct answers for matching drag-and-drop interaction?

Drag and Drop Activity to Show Correct Answers

Let us know what works best for your course!

Thomas Drexler

Hey Lauren,

Thank you so much. I didnt find directly the answer, but it helped me to create my own solution. I can imagine there are a lot of people using d&d freeform in quiz. I never found a way to show the right answer now check this out. Just do the task wrong and review ;)