Freeform drag and drop

I have a drag and drop, built through freeform. It consists of an outline of a baby, and the user has two sensors they have to drag to the correct locations on the baby. There are 6 possible locations identified on the baby, with two correct answers - hand and foot. Either sensor can go to either location, so sensor 1 can go to hand or foot, and sensor 2 can go to hand or foot. But I can't get the question to work that way. I can only connect sensor 1 to hand and sensor 2 to foot (or vice versa). I tried just building my own interaction on a regular page, using triggers, but couldn't seem to get that to work. Is it possible to have the freeform drag and drop understand that either drop object can go to either target?

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Josh Uhlig

The built in Freeform Drag and Drop is not able to do what you are attempting to do.  Each target can only have one correct answer.

You could create your own interaction to make this possible, but it would require you to create several variables and triggers.  You could then pass the results to a question if you need it to be part of a graded quiz.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sandra,

Thought I'd take a crack at this. and I was able to do it without variables.

I don't have a baby here...simply used an illustrated SL character. And I don't have a "sensor", simply used an oval shape. To save time, I have just 4 targets, 2 correct (foot and hand) and 2 foils. But you'd build it the same way and add 2 more foils. Again, I simply used shapes for the targets. So, it's pretty "barebones", but it gets the job done.

This is a Freeform Pick One. The 2 choices, correct and incorrect, are actually shapes that are offstage.

  • Tthe "correct" shape is selected (via a trigger) when Learners drag both sensors to the correct targets; therefore the answer is scored "correct". Either sensor can be dragged to either correct target.
  • The "incorrect" shape is selected (via a trigger) when Learners drag either sensor to an incorrect target; therefore the answer is scored as incorrect.

I added Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states to the ovals.

  • Triggers change the state of the Ovals to Drop correct if they're dropped on either of the 2 correct targets (hand or foot).
  • Triggers change the state of the Ovals to Drop Incorrect if they're dropped on either of the 2 incorrect targets (foil 1, foil 2).

I placed a transparent shape over the character, but under the targets so Learners can't drop anything on the character itself...only on the targets. I left a border around this shape to make it easier to you to see..

There's kind of a lot going on, so please shout out with any questions. I'll check in at some point! Just wanted you to know this is doable, and once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad to construct.