Freeform Drag and Drop - limit number in drop target


Hope someone can help with a quick and easy solution!  I've had a look at previous posts and I haven't been able to find a solution...

I have two drop targets and eight drag things.  There are four correct ones for each drop target.  I would like the users to only be able to put four things in each (and bounce any additional ones back if possible).

Currently it works how I'd like it, you can just put as many answers as you like in each drop target.  

I've tried having a variable for each drop target to add up when you drag the items onto the drop target and then subtract when they're put back to an invisible shape in the start position - then having the submit button appear when the variables equal a certain number - but it gets a bit complicated if you move one of the drag items from one drop target straight into the other without it being returned.  Also, quite happy to have the submit button there always.

Is this possible?

I have attached the slide (I realise the way the submit/next button works is probably a very long way round, in my defence, I'm working with someone else's content)

Any help would be appreciated,

Cheers, Laura 

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Susi B

Hi Laura,

I can´t look into your file right now (wrong pc without storyline), but you could solve this maybe with hiding the drop item when your drop count is 4. Just duplicate an other item under it, so nobody sees when its hidden. You can then set a trigger, which substracts 1, when one of the dropped items is dragged over the drop item which changes the state of the drop object back to normal. I could try to build something tomorrow on a storyline pc if you can´t figure it out or someone else maybe helped til then. :) Don´t know if this would work, but should somehow.

Alistair McWiggan

I've created something similar with my course.

The submit button is always visible, but I have altered the feedback layers (Naming conventions!) So if the drag & drop is incorrect, it shows the "not quite" slide, otherwise it will show the "correct slide" which then carries on to the next slide.

Hope this helps!