Freeform drag and drop returning if incorrect

Nov 12, 2013


Maybe it's just so simple that I'm not seeing it...or possibly I've been working with variables too much!

But...I'm having a challenge having freeform drag and drop items return to their original position after the user gets feedback that their submission is correct.  I have six items.  There are two drop zones; a yes and a no.  2 items go into the yes, and 4 go into the no.  When the user submits and misses one (or more) the itmes do not return to their original places.  The user has to manually drag them back.  Is there a way, that the items resest, if after selecting submit, the answer is incorrect?

Thanks so much...hopefully, it's just so simple that I'm in the storyline forest...through the trees!!!



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Greg Cannon

You could add a trigger to the 'Continue' button in the feedback layer to jump to the slide containing the drag and drop interaction (i.e. the slide you are working on), make sure you set the slide properties to reset to initial state. This technique however will also reset any number of attempts you may have set (it's not clear from your question whether this is how you've set the question up)

I'd think about suggesting this as a feature request however as it makes sense that it you set a number of attempts that the question automatically resets when attempting the question again!

Lisa Anderson

Hey Greg,

Thanks for the response.  I did consider the trigger option, and yes, it resets the number of attempts.  I did have it set to "unlimited" just to see what would happen, but the items don't return to their initial places.  Yes, it would make sense that it would, but at this time, it doesn't look to be an option in Storyline.  Not sure why....that's why I thougth I'd check here just in case I was missing somehting.

Thanks so much!


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