Freeform Drag and Drop Seekbar Issues

Apr 15, 2020

Project information:

  • SL360
  • Freeform drag and drop quiz
  • Drag and drop options: Return items to start when dropped outside any target, and snap dropped items is either tile or snap to center. 
  • Player > Seekbar = Allow user to drag seekbar

Actions plus issues (See attached video): 

  1. Seekbar plays as normal
  2. User drags items onto targets
  3. User moves the seekbar by dragging or clicking
  4. All dropped drag items return to their starting positions (drag return)
  5. When the user drags one of the dropped items back onto the target, all previously dropped drag items appear back on the targets. 
  6. When the user clicks Submit, the response is always counted as incorrect, showing either Try Again or Incorrect feedback. This occurs even when all answers appear to be dropped correctly.
  7. The only way to overcome this is for the user to manually drag all dropped items outside the target so they return to their start point, then drop each item one on the appropriate target again.
  8. There is no issue if the user does not touch the seekbar, including hitting the Submit button before the timeline ends on the base layer.

We have lived with this issue for quite a long time, but no user has ever complained about it. However, it's an issue when reviewers need to conduct multiple reviews in a short period of time.

2 Replies
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robert,

Thanks for sharing the details and the steps to reproduce the issue.

I was able to recreate the issue in a sample file and I've sent this along for further investigation. I've attached this conversation as well so that any updates in the future can be shared here.

It looks like we've not seen any complaints about it as well, so thanks again for letting us know.

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