Freeform Drag-and-Drop: Some draggables won't drag when clicking 'continue' on the 'Incorrect' layer to retry.

I have created a freeform drag-and-drop.

I have also added triggers:
1. To change the states on the 'incorrect' layer to display the right and wrong answers
2. To add draggables not to be included in the drag-and-drop, as as the client wants 10 of the 20 draggables to be 'correct' if not dragged onto any of the dropzones ('red herrings', as she calls them)

When clicking 'Continue' on the 'Incorrect' layer, some draggables can be dragged, but some won't budge, and I can't work out why. Have I 'broken' the freeform with my triggers?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steven,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing in your file.

It looks like you're only allowing one attempt for this interaction. That would explain why the drag and drop is not working as expected.

How many attempts should the users get? It looks like you may be wanting an Unlimited amount until the user gets it correct since you're sharing the hints. If so, your triggers will need to be moved to the Try Again layer once you've increased the number of attempts.