Freeform Drag & Drop - Drop Object Size/ Orientation


I am working on a Freeform Drag & Drop project.

My goal is to create a real learning experience, therefore it is necessary to force learners to be very acurate where they place the drop objects.

But I can't get that working. 

Right now, Storyline says the "Answer" is correct as soon as the Drop-Objects overlaps the target - even if it is just one pixel that overlaps. I want that to be far more precise. Ideally, the center of the Drop-Object should be placed in an area 20x20 pixels.

Any idea how I could do that?

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Jerry Beaucaire

In the past to get that kind of surgical accuracy, I went the other way.  I put a custom hotspot that I drew that covered the entire screen except for a hole in the center just "barely" bigger than the dragging object.  The only way to get it right was for the drag object to NOT BE INTERSECTING that hotspot any longer.