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May 24, 2015

My dilemma: I am using pick one freeform choice. I don't quite understand why the client has these feedback options, but I am trying to appease them. I am good to go with the basic in the free form with correct, incorrect, try again, but this is a little trickier.

I am honestly stuck. Any ideas using the freeform? :)




(A) Option A

(B) Option B

(C) Option C

(D) Option D

Answer (A)


Correct: Great job! 

Incorrect: Uh-oh, go back and ....

Incorrect, 2nd attempt B: Nope, not quite. ....A is the correct answer.

Incorrect, 2nd attempt C: Nope, not quite. .... A is the correct answer.

Incorrect, 2nd attempt D: Nope, not quite. ... A is the correct answer.

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Kai ...

Update: I've made progress. I discovered that you can provide feedback by choice. I added it for each choice, but now the "Try again" option isn't available, unless I score per choice. This is great because it allows me to add the # of attempts. Still doesn't solve my issue with when they make the wrong choice  the 1st time, I'd like the  "try again feedback" provided. When they choose again, the incorrect feedback is provided and they move on to the next question. This has to go for all of the incorrect choices. Does this make sense?

Tim Shelton

So the only way I can think to solve this is have variables controlling what shows on your incorrect feedback layer.

Firstly you need a trigger that adds 1 to a variable [ABC] each time the layer is viewed.

Then have 2-3 variants of the content hidden on the layer with sets of triggers to "show" them when ABC = 1 or ABC = 2 or ABC = 3.

This should solve your problem.

Tim out.

Tim Shelton

After trying this sound logic in Storyline itself for some reason it defaults to the standard feedback template even when its content has been replaced. So although I had it working for one attempt thereafter it just wont support this kind of conditional feedback. 

Unless a staff member can elaborate I dont know why my setup breaks the storyline custom feedback. Logically it should all work fine. Sorry Kai, if I get it working I will get in touch... might be a bug in SL2...

Tim Shelton

Hi Kai, 

So after a sleep I figured out why my design wasnt working but I also found a simpler way for you to execute this multiple feedback approach.

Essentially, what I missed is that SL uses the Try Again layer when you answer wrong, not the Incorrect layer so you could follow the previous logic on this layer and it would work.


I have simplified it in the file I have attached. We start the same have a trigger to add 1 to a variable each time Try Again is viewed. Then create duplicate layers of Try Again with varying feedback messages.

Back to the Try again layer and create triggers that follow this logic: show layer 'Try Again2' on timeline start if Variable X = 2  ;  show layer 'Try Again3' on timeline start if Variable X = 3 .

This way the first time they will see the original try again then subsequent visits will show 2, 3, 4 etc depending on how many attempts you give them.

On the final Try again you could just move on to the next question however if you need to track the question you may want to redirect it to show Incorrect layer so it registers as wrong. 

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