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Feb 13, 2020

Hi there,

I have watched the tutorial on freeform text entry questions ad few times now and I can't figure out why i keep getting the following pop up window when I select the submit button (i've entered all the text entry answers in the label boxes).

Invalid Answer

You must complete the question before submitting.

Any advice would be great fully appreciated.

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Walt Hamilton

It checks the field listed on the form view here:


Since there is no field chosen, it considers you not to have answered. If you click the drop down, no field appears, because the field is on a layer. You will need to put your text entry field on the base layer. I suggest having the task button advance to a new slide, or you could put the entry field on the base layer where it isn't covered by items on the layer.

Walt Hamilton

This is the problem:


The user clicks Submit, and the system checks to see if the answer is correct (which it isn't, because neither BTN is selected.) Then the system goes to the next trigger, and if all those conditions are met, it selects the "Correct" BTN. Then (whether they are all met or not), it goes to the next trigger and if all those conditions are met, it selects the "Incorrect" BTN. Of course, by then it is too late, as it has already checked the answer and found that neither button is selected.

The solution is to move the Submit Pick One trigger to after the other two in the list so that a selection is made BEFORE the interaction is submitted.

Remember that triggers are performed independently of each other, and in the order they appear in the list.

I also have a question about the utility of this trigger:


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