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It's been a long time since I even used Storyline, mores the pity, but now I'm back using it I immediately need help!

I have created a convert to freeform Pick Many question. Basically, users have to make a colour (orange) by clicking the two colours that are needed (red and yellow). I've allowed 3 attempts. My question is, after getting one attempt wrong the states of the colours stay as selected (ie glowing) and the user would have to deselect these before choosing the correct answer again. Is this a normal situation for pick many? I will have to create triggers that return the state to normal otherwise, but wondered if there was an issue here.

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Joanna Kurpiewska

Hi Steve

unfortunately I couldn't open your file after downloading, it's not a zip file.

But I've created a quick mockup with this interaction and a solution which I would use - just to add some triggers on the "Try again layer". This is the easiest way to fix it I guess.

Have a look at the attached example

I'm wondering if there's any other option that could be used..?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

I was able to open you're course, although it looks like you shared the published output. I see the set up you've shared, and yes the default behavior would be to continue to see what was selected and then to have the user unselect them.

I would use the message that Joanna shared here (thanks Joanna!) and set up the triggers on your try again layer.