Freeform Pick One: All Answers Invalid

I have a question with 29 answers that are all hotspots. I'm using freeform Pick One because if I use freeform Hotspot, I have to go through and rename all 29 hotspots from "Rectangular Hotspot 24" to something useful which seems totally pointless when freeform Pick One should work just fine.

The problem here is that when I use hotspots for answers in this format, everything comes through as an invalid answer when the user clicks. Why are all of my answers invalid?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Buel,

It's a bit hard to evaluate what's going on without seeing the slide. As you know, the invalid answer pops up when SL thinks the Learner hasn't made a selection.

Again, not sure how you've set this up, but if you've used offstage objects, e.g., Correct and Incorrect buttons, as triggers to Show correct/incorrect layers, you need to be sure these triggers are below the Submit answer trigger. Otherwise, an Invalid answer message will appear.

Buel Newman

I'm not uploading proprietary stuff here, but I've recreated the exact issue here.

It's a two-question quiz. The first question uses hotspots and the second question uses clear shapes. As a result, the first one is impassable and the second one works just fine.

I'm hoping this is just me not jumping through some hoop I was supposed to magically know about, as it seems the answers to most questions on this board are something along those lines. If this is not able to be worked around in this quiz mode, I suppose the question then becomes: why are hotspots even an option for a freeform pick one quiz answer if Storyline can't deal with them properly?