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The system I am training on will not allow the user to enter a space between file names. They are required to use an underscore. When I have them practicing creating the filename in storyline I created a freeform box and setup the answer as File_name however if a user enters File Name it is counting it as correct. Is this because Storyline views a underscore and a space as the same thing? Does anyone know of a way around this?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rob,

I'm afraid I'm not able to reproduce this on my end. If I enter a correct answer of "File_Name" and only submit "File Name" I'm scored incorrectly.

Can you tell me a little bit more about how you have this set up, please? Are you using the built-in freeform Text Entry quiz, or did you build the question slide yourself?

Rob Morgan

Here is what my slide looks like. Although I am starting to worry that I have tried to do too many things to fix it and now I am even confused as to what should and should not be there.

I wanted it to be that when the user entered the correct file name and clicked on add then it would verify that what they typed was the correct answer and move them to the next slide. I did not want to use the "submit" button since it is not what they would do in the program and I did not want to cause confusion.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the file! :)

Alright, for a while I thought maybe it was an issue with the triggers and the answer, but it turns out that it may have been an issue with the feedback that was entered for the question.

For example, there was no text entered into the "Try Again" feedback - so incorrect answers actually weren't receiving a prompt. This is because the question is currently set to "Unlimited" tries.

I swapped the feedback you had available for "Incorrect" to the "Try Again" field. I also removed the "Submit" button and the trigger to submit the interaction via that button, and added the trigger to the hotspot for the "Add" button.

It seems to be working pretty well now. I'm now seeing the "Try Again" prompt if I don't include the underscore and the "Correct" prompt if I include it.

Can you take a look and tell me if this is how you want it to work, please?