Freeform Question not playing nicely with layers on slide

Jan 04, 2013

My Pick One freeform quiz question stopped working as soon as I added layers to the slide. (Layers needed for character expression changes.)

Are layers and freeform compatible? (Fingers crossed; I'd rather solve operator error than hit a functionality dead end.)

Upon adding layers, I can only select the 1st of my 4 pick one options.

Any troubleshooting suggestions?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Kelly, you should be able to have layers with your quiz question. For one thing, they are used to provide feedback.

From your description, it will be hard to troubleshoot what is going on with your set up. Can you possible upload the story file ( or a just a subset that contains the quiz) so that we can see what is going on.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Kelly, thanks for providing the file. I think I have found the problem.  The character images on the Talking and Watching layers are  covering the bottom 3 radio buttons. When these layers are displayed they sit on top of the base layer which is preventing you from clicking on the 3 buttons.

To fix this move the buttons over to the right a little.

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