Freeform Question Slide Drag and Drop Images Not Centering

In Storyline 3 I have images that will not drop centered in the shape I have designated.  They are aligning down and to the right. The .png files are even importing with different spacing than what was captured using SnagIt. I have the settings for snap to center and the shape is larger than the image so they should fit easily.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Mark,

This sounds a lot like an issue we are investigating in Storyline 3 where drag items are off-center when drop targets when the drop targets have a dashed outline and no fill. Does that description match the interaction in your file?

I'd be happy to take a closer look at your slide to determine if this bug is affecting your file, or if it's something else entirely. 

You can attach your file to a new thread comment here. I'll be standing by!

Mark Greenhalgh

Unfortunately I can't share the course due to internal regulations. When using a shape to drop in a shape it is working fine.  I am dropping an image into a square shape with an outline and fill.  The snap is taking the image down and right several pixels. I even tried to create a shape and use the image as fill and the same issue occurs. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

If you can't share your actual .story project with us, could you mock up a quick example of your drag and drop?

The issue Alyssa mentioned previously is specific to drop targets with a dashed outline, and no fill so that doesn't sound like it matches your set up. With these type of interactions we'd want to make sure we're testing in the exact way of your set up - so an example is best.  

Mark Greenhalgh

Here is the one slide test that shows how the drop is down and to the right.  This was first done in Storyline 2 and now does not work after the upgrade.  Also, I have other drag and drop using only shapes that work until I try and modify either the drag item or the drop box.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks so much for sharing your file, Mark. You're right--we're seeing the same problem when the drop target has a solid outline.

Do you notice an improvement if you remove the outline on the drop target? It seemed to improve for me when I removed the outline.

I'll be sure to make a note of this in our bug report. Thanks so much for letting us know what's going on in your file, and I'm sorry it's been slowing you down.