Freeform question with help layer

Jan 20, 2014

I'm creating a freeform quiz with a help layer. However, when the freeform is submitted with the help layer shown, the results always say incorrect.

The learner is to drag and drop a few shapes in designated areas. If he/she is stumped, there is a help button that shows grey boxes where the shapes are supposed to go. The problem arises if the learner tries to drag and drop the shapes with this help layer visible.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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Kyle Perry

I think I may have solved my problem...

The new layer places the grey boxes on the front. I can tell because when the shape is dropped on the grey box it moves behind it and if a corner is not left peaking out, it's out of reach to move again. I assume that this threw off the evaluation of the freeform somehow.

I recreated the grey boxes with an outline and no fill color. That fixed the problem.

However... I would prefer the grey boxes. So if someone has a suggestion, please pass it along.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kyle,

Not sure if this would help, or be something you'd want to implement, but how about closing the help layer whenever the learner interacts with the drag objects? You could create a trigger to hide that hint layer whenever the control or content on that layer loses focus. 

That should resolve the problem and by doing this, you should still be able to use the grey boxes.

Let us know how it goes!

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