Freeform Questions & Layers

Sep 25, 2014

Do objects which can be turned into a (for example) pick-many freeform question have to be on the base layer of a slide?  Or am I missing something?

I have a slide which creates branching video by revealing different layers when buttons are clicked.  I hoped to use the freeform question function to track user choices and assign scores.  The buttons are on the video layers however, and only the base layer interacts with the freeform question option.

Am I possibly missing something, or is it simply base layer or nothing with the freeform question function?

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Emma Herbert

Hi, is this still the case?

I have a video which branches to different layers and asks questions when the Learner clicks a question icon on the video. I appreciate I can create my own questions using buttons, variables, triggers etc but it would be much easier to simply insert a freeform question onto a layer.


Emma Herbert

Something I missed ... the main need to having a question on a layer is so that once the layer is closed the video will resume where it left off. If users navigate to a new slide with the question on there, I'm not sure how they would resume back to where they left off in the video once the question has been answered. 

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