Freeform Quiz - Answers not submitting?

I'm running into a problem with the attached activity. I want users to be able to choose thumbs up or thumbs down to a series of statements. I have created my own feedback mechanisms - the only reason I have made the slides freeform quiz questions is so that I can collect the SCORM data (it's a low-stakes self-check, I just want to be able to review what participants are answering for statistics purposes). However, for some reason the quizzes don't seem to be registering the selection of the buttons. It may have something to do with the variables I've built in, but I can't diagnose the problem. I have turned on "users must answer" just to show that despite choosing a button, it isn't picking this up as a response to the quiz.

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Josh Uhlig

It looks like you went through a lot of trouble to change things from the default quiz question.  I suggest reverting back to the way Storyline sets it up initially and modifying the default feedback layers to fit what you want.  The way you have it, you are trying to have the question send feedback before the answer has been submitted, which I believe is messing things up.  You also have an unassigned "submit results" trigger on each slide that should not be there.  Submit results is only used once at the end of a quiz.  You only need submit interaction on each question slide.

I redid Question 1 in your original file and reattached.  It is much simpler, and has no need for all the additional variables and triggers so it is has a much cleaner look, and I believe it works as you intended.

Victoria Nap

I see what you are saying, but your example does not include all the functionality I originally had. I will still need to build in variables, as the point is to allow users to compare their answers with the correct answer, which this example does not include.

Does anyone else have some insight? Is the problem that clicking the up or down button also opens another layer? If I know the cause I might be able to fix this without rebuilding from scratch.

Josh Uhlig

True, I didn't add all the functionality, but it can easily be added.  I would add you triggers to the feedback layers. Just add the change state and adjust variable triggers to the beginning of the feedback timeline.  The problem with adding the triggers to the buttons themselves, is a person could click both buttons, and set both related variables to true prior to clicking submit.  Triggering everything through the feedback layers keeps this from happening and the result can be the same.

Josh Uhlig

I'm making a guess here, but I think the problem may be because the way you have things setup, you are changing the state of the button to something other than "selected" prior to the user clicking the submit button.  You could potentially work with what you have, but you can't change the state of the button until after it is submitted.  Otherwise Storyline thinks a selection hasn't been made (because nothing is in the "selected" state by the time you press the submit button).