Freeform quiz questions - making an object unselectable

Dec 05, 2016

I have  Freeform "Pick Many" interactions in Storyline 2 course which are basically functioning as a Multiple Answer question. 

I have made objects selectable and objects state changes when it is selected. But how can I make them unselectable? For example if user select options A and changes their mind about selecting that option A how can i achieve them unselecting it in a freeform question?




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Wanda Blackett

Hi Pam,

Do you mean that you want to prevent the user from deselecting a object once they've already selected it?  If so, you can try adding a disabled state to the object and adding a trigger so that on click it will change the state of that object to disabled.  I just gave it a quick try, and the object looks like it is still selected in the preview, however it cannot be clicked again. 

Pam Jones

Hi Wanda

If you use a in-built multiple response question. You can select and deselect options before submitting the question. 

I'd like to know how to achieve this in a Freeform Pick many. So e.g. there are 3 options; 2 are correct. User selects 1 of the 3 options, but then changes mind so needs to deselect so another option can be selected. 

I basically what my freeform to work like a multiple answer question.

Does that make sense?

Wanda Blackett

Hi Pam,

I see now.  Perhaps if you create another quiz slide using the freeform pick many slide, then bring your assets onto that slide, you can get the functionality you're looking for?  

Alternatively, you may try playing with a transparent object over top of the quiz objects. If you hide them initially, and then "show" them once the user triggers their selection.  If this extra button is on top and "shows" (i.e. hidden but now clickable) once the object has been selected, you can create a trigger that when clicked will bring your object back to the deselected/normal state? You would also need to hide the invisible button on top at the same time so that the user can select the object again if they want.

Hope that makes sense...

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