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Oct 22, 2013

Hi there. I'm using some freeform drag n drop activities in my storyline projects, and I'm having problems with the review. The review only shows the answers that the student provided, but not the correct answers for the students to check against their own. Is there a way to get the review of the freeform drag n drop activities to show the correct answers along with the student's actual answers? If not, what is the best work-around for this?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beth,

You can change the quiz review from within  the slide containing the question. Open the question dialog box (e.g. click the Edit Drag and Drop button at the top of the right pane). Then, in the feedback section, just enter a space into the Post-Quiz Review text box. Click Save and Close. You should then see a Review Layer with probably a default box for feedback. You can use that box to display the correct answer, or just delete it and create whatever you want to display the correct answer.

Oren S.


I'm struggling with a similar issue. I did as Beth described above and opened a Post-Quiz Review layer and edited the content inside. The problem occurs when the user tries to review the quiz, he will always get an Incorrect feedback (the red stripe at the bottom of the slide) regardless if he answered the question correctly.

I was wondering if anyone had encountered this issue before and if there is a fix to it.

I'm using SL2, with the latest update (recently released May 2015)



Jo Cottingham

I have added a review layer to a slide so that the user can see what the correct answers were but in doing this I have lost the ability to see what answer the user submitted.  Without the review layer I see which choices the user made but with the review layer I only see the correct answers where as what I need is a layer that shows me what the user answered alongside the correct answers.  Is this possible?  I'm using Storyline 1.

Any help would be appreciated.

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