Freeform shape editing: can't change fill colour of a freeform shape as its being treated as a picture.

Feb 18, 2018

Hoping for some help.

I've redrawn a model in articulate 360 by adding a shape as a freeform line shape as its a unique shape.

When I first created the shape I was able to edit each shape's fill colour.

After progressing with the build it now appears to be treating the shape as a picture.

Compare this to a normal shape I can click the object and get the drawing tool format options to change the fill colours.

Have I done something wrong during editing?

Is there any way the unique shape can changed etc. so that the drawing tools are available again?

I have to copy the model to other slides so I'd rather not recreate the model with freeform objects every time just to change the fill colour.

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Robert White

Ok, I figured out the issue.

I had to think back to how I created it. I created the diagram in Powerpoint as I was working on another computer and imported it across to Storyline at a later stage.

When it imported the .ppt file across it changed the objects in the diagram to a picture.

Is this able to be addressed to prevent the same problem occurring to someone else?

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