Freelance help needed

Hello Everyone,

Bit new to the forum so apologies if this is the wrong place, I've been working on a Storyline 2 project for a client of mine, however I've completely hit a ceiling and reached the top of my expertise with it (Im new to storyline). I was wondering if there were any freelancers out there that would be able to help and take on the rest of the project. It's a basic eLearning programme that needs to be hooked into an LMS. The client has now introduced some complex questions into the mix that might require a bit of an expert users.

Would love to hear if anyone is interested in the project and can help! 

Thanks in advance, and happy to provide a ton more information privately if interested! 




P.S I've also posted this here in the freelance heroes thread

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Leslie McKerchie

Brian Gil:

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