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Hi everyone,

You may well have come across the dreaded, enigmatic "Unable to connect to the internet. Please verify you can connect to the internet and relaunch the course. Status code - 1" message when launching AS content in IE using TinCan LMS. 

We are facing this problem with several of our clients and it is now becoming embarrassing - worse, a potential barrier to our success!

You can find out more about the issue here:

We are looking for somebody who knows about this bug and how to properly fix it. We are looking to hire somebody who can provide us with the support we need so that IE does not cause error messages when launching our content. If you feel you have the experience and knowledge to help us solve this problem, I'd be absolutely delighted to hear from you.

Thank you in advance,


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Aaron -- Thanks for reaching out and may I ask if you have had a chance to take a look at this article, "Unable to Connect to the Server" Error When Viewing Tin Can API Content? And I wanted to mention if there is a position for which you are hiring, you are welcome to post over in our Jobs Hub, as well.