Freeze a scrolling panel.

Apr 15, 2014

Is it possible to freeze a scrolling panel? I have a course with over 200 screens, some screens containing 3 additional layers. I have used scrolling panels throughout based on graphic size and need to freeze some of the panels on certain screens so a specific section of the screen content is showing in the scrolling panel. I have tried locking the scrolling panels where I need them stationary, which works in edit mode, but not when I preview or publish the course. Am I missing something, a setting somewhere perhaps?

I used scrolling panels because I am working with large screens shots from billing system.  It would take an enormous amount of time to crop each and every screenshot to fit on the screen without using the scrolling panels. 



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca and welcome to Heroes! 

Unfortunately there isn't a way to freeze a scrolling panel in a particular location - although you could prevent the user from scrolling through it at a point in time. You'd want to add a transparent shape that is over the scroll bar, and set that to appear/disappear on your timeline at a particular point - or even change it's state from hidden to normal based on a trigger. This wouldn't guarantee that the user had scrolled the right place perhaps, but if you don't want them to start scrolling till say after the first 20 seconds - the invisible shape would help you control that a bit. 

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