Friday Design Challenge!

I came across this interaction yesterday and thought it would great to replicate in Storyline.  I'm not really interested in the graphical part as much as I am the functionality.  Most of it CAN be done in Storyline.

Take a look at the attached file, add your slide to best replicate the functionality, post to this thread and describe what you did (I'm particularily interested in how to make the individual tiles swivel and display as they do here).

I am no expert here at all...I am posing this as I need your help...not because I have the answers!

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Jonathan Workman

Annie - It is just a capture from within Storyline using the Record Screen feature.  The interaction itself was probably created in Flash.  Are you not able to view the interaction at all?  Attached is an .mp4 version that you should be able to view with no problems.

Annie Jean

Well, I see the image but if I want to visualise it through preview or even within the slide edition mode, I get something quite... green.

Will make a screenshot and show you... I have saved your project to show it to the IT guy I was talking about.

Don't bother, it is not the only video I am having trouble with, we are quite restricted here!!