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Jacob  Selin

Guess you are right.  Not that hard to recreate it. 
Just that i can't spare some time with import :D 

In addition to this. Is there any negative sides with creating it in storyline instead o HTML 5? 
Any thing that work in HTML 5 that cant be done in Storyline? 
For example we are worried about if it will work on all plattform and how the responsive design will work. 

Phil Mayor

Storyline doesn't have responsive design, also it only works in specific browsers

Chrome (Win Mac)

Safari (Mac)

Mobile Safari (iOS)

Mobile Chrome (Android) Storyline 2 only

It will probably take less work to design in Storyline rather than HTML5, there are somethings that may not work as expected the key is to test regularly.

Ralf  Baum

I'll agree with Phil...


In most cases it is takes less work to produce courses in Storyline if you compare compare working with a html5 editor.


If you really need responsive design for your courses you will need to think about programing. This is the clearest solution. But don't forget the didactic aspects of different screen sizes.


Ralf  Baum

Yes, it's really easy.

First click on the Player-Icon, then choose the Tab Other. Here you'll see a dropdown-window where you can adjust the browser size. If you'll choose "Resize browser to fill screen" the published version will open in the fitting size. Additionally you can also adjust the player size via dropdown to the state "Scale player to fill  browser window"

That's all.