From One Slide to Another

Hello. I have reached a problem I can't solve. Hope you can help me:

  • I am trying out Storyline and I made two slides in one scene.
  • In the SlideMaster, I put a navegation bar with "next slide" and "prev slide" buttons.
  • Therefor, I desactivated the default "prev and next" buttons.
  • I also desactivated the automatic navegation, be cause I want the learner to pas on the pages.

You follow me so far? The this happened:

  • The second slide moved to one side of the first slide and,¬†apparently, it does not count as "next slide", be cause, when I hit the "next button" I made, it does not send me to the next slide.
  • So, I changed the slides to pass on automatically... then, the second slide moved below the first one, as it should be, but now, it moves automatically.... and the next button STILL does not work. I have to wait untill the tie is up, and Articulate moves to the next slide by its own (when it does, the "prev button" does work).

I'm not sure if I made myself clear. I just one my course to be controled by its own navigation bar.

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Donna Morvan

Hello Javier,

I am not sure it's clear with me.. what's happening.. The first 4 bullet points are clear but I get lost on your 5th.

When you say "The second slide moved to one side of the first slide and, apparently, it does not count as "next slide", be cause, when I hit the "next button" I made, it does not send me to the next slide." Are saying.. it moved to show a "layer of the first slide" instead?

Maybe you can post a screenshot of your triggers or even the project itself.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Donna and Javier,

Donna, thanks for seeking clarification. Javier that screenshot did clarify.

I'm attaching a story I created quickly where I have 3 slides. I've also placed prev/next buttons in the master, slides are being advanced by user, and the buttons are working properly. Perhaps you can compare to yours to see what the difference is. Or, upload your story here for the community to take a look.


My slides also are displaying horizontally in Story View rather than how we typically see them, displaying vertically when they are advanced by the standard Next button. I don't know if there's a way to change this.


Donna Morvan

Hello Javier,

I don't know how this happened.. I was able to reproduce the slides going on the same level and I don't think that's something we can avoid because when we take out the player previous and next buttons.. you also remove the trigger that comes with it but your customized buttons should still work.

See attached file.


Javier Mosquera

OK. I saw the documents you both sent and yes: you actually did it.

Then, I made my own buttons and it also worked.

But the problem showed up when I wanted to put those two buttons on a new layer of the slide master.

Why a new layer? Be cause I want the navigaton bar always to be on top of everything.

Do you think of a way to achieve this?

PS: the new layer is shown through an action on the slidemaster: "show layer when timeline starts".