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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ariane,

Storyline 3 projects can always be opened and edited with Storyline 360. (In comparison, Storyline 360 projects can be opened and edited with Storyline 3 except when they include new features that exist only in Storyline 360). 

So in short - all you'll need to do is open up the SL3 .story file in Storyline 360! 

Once you open there you'll be able to publish to Review and add to your Rise course as a Storyline block! 🌟

Ariane Seyfarth

Hi Ashley,

thanks for your reply.

For test purposes the agency sent me a SCORM zip. package from Storyline 3, which I assume is the format the project gets exported in. Now I looked through all files and cannot find a single file in .story format. Do you know why this is?

Maybe there is another format other than SCORM in which the project can be shared?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ariane,

The published output does not include a copy of the .story file, as it's only including what you'll upload to your web server or LMS. 

You'll need the agency you're working with to send a copy of the .story file from Storyline 3 - that'll all you'll need to upgrade and open in Storyline 360.