Frozen screen in published (deployed) SL course: Help!

Jan 30, 2013

We have a SL course that's been in production (ie, available to clients) for a while now and got a ticket from a user letting us know he was stuck on a particular screen and couldn't advance past it or go back. We took a look and we're stumped. It's a Word Bank question. Looks like he tried to Submit without actually dragging an answer first, so he got the default message "You must complete the question before submitting." Only when you click OK nothing happens. Everything's just frozen. Help! Why did this happen and what can we do to unfreeze the screen? We're stumped. The course is quite complex, so it's not an easy thing to just say, "Oh, we reset the course for you, please start over."

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Peter Anderson

Hey Laura,

You can try uploading the course here, but I'm not sure that'll be able to handle the full 141MB either. You're also welcome to load it into a Dropbox account and share the link with us that way, if you'd like. Or, if the issue is confined to just the one slide / scene, you can send us only the affected slides.

Thanks, and we'll look forward to checking it out. 

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