Frozen Storyline = Lost Course. Help!


I was working on some corrections of a 45 minute course, saving after each slide change. In one of the changes, Storyline froze and I had to restart my computer. When I did and reopened my file, the course is gone. I can see the file, and it's a hefty size, but when I open it in Storyline, it states '0 Scenes', and my development screen is blank. I have some published versions of the initial course I sent for feedback - is there a way I can revert the process to save some of my work, or do I have to recreate the course from scratch?


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Dave Fulle

Hi Mario,

I'm not sure how you can recover your file, but I would recommend that if you don't have an LMS to store the file on, that you at least store it in something like dropbox or somewhere that isn't on your local machine so if your machine gets fried, you can get it from a website, webserver, LMS, etc...something with versioning is best - freebies like alfresco, tortoise subversion, etc. or paid sites of course are good too.

Sorry I couldn't help with the actual file.

Gerry Wasiluk

Mario Urquia said:

@Gerry - I was saving to the shared drive from a remote location when it froze.

Thanks.  My maxim is to always, always, always work locally with the Storyline file on my PC's hard drive and then back up/archive to shared folders/USB Flash drives as needed or required.

Doesn't help solve your problem, however . . .  :(   Wish I had a solution . . .

Wonder if there might possibly be a version of the file as a temp file on your PC . . .  just not sure how this works with saving files to locations not on your local PC.

Mario Urquia

Thanks, Gerry. I tried to recover the file through my IT dept, to no avail. But since there's no use crying over spilled milk, I decided to rebuild it. Fortunately, I had a hard copy (Published the course in Word to gather feedback), so I just had to piece everything back together. The text and images were lined up again in 12 hours work. The activities hurt the most, since I had 50+ triggers on each of the 3 activities in the course - which is what I am rebuilding now.

I have started saving everything on my hard drive and am uploading copies to the shared drive at every milestone - just to be safe!

I try to always learn from my mistakes.