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I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I'm encountering on one of my Articulate Storyline 2 projects. I have developed a tutorial for an external client and following some discussions I read, I published the file for CD (because I need it to be stand alone and be able to be opened on an independent computer). I pulled the launch_story.exe file from what I published and added it to my dropbox so I could share it with the client.

Prior to sending, I tried to open it on a separate computer since I haven't published this way before and it will not open.

Can someone help me on how I can publish a project to share with an external client that can be stand alone? I have tried everything. I updated the flash on the second computer because a forum I read suggested that it was needed in order to open but it still wont work.

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Wendy Farmer
Madeline F

 I pulled the launch_story.exe file from what I published and added it to my dropbox so I could share it with the client.


You'll need to upload the whole published folder not just the .exe file. The file that launches your course is called Launch_Story.exe. but it will be looking for the other files

Dave Cox

When I need to share my project, I always share the zip file. You can create the zip file when you publish. The zip file will contain everything that you need to run the published content. Just be sure to include instructions to your client about how to unbundle the course, as it will not run from within the zip file. On windows machines, you can just open the zipped folder just like a normal folder, and then copy all of the contents out to a regular folder. I'm not sure about Macs.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Madeline,

As all have mentioned above you'll need to share the entire contents of the published output with another user/learner. If you are publishing for CD you'll need to ensure that they have the entire contents and I'd encourage folks to download and extract all the files locally to the desktop. If you've published for Web or LMS you'll want to look at uploading it to the intended environment. As far as playing on a Mac, you should be able to view the web or LMS content in one of the supported browsers here and the CD output may not play as the Mac won't support the .EXE files. 

Madeline F

Thank you all for your help! I was able to publish and send a zipped file, however my client has asked that I send the file exported as html5 instead of .exe. I've read a lot of tutorials and it looks like the best way to do this is to publish for an LMS? The course will eventually be uploaded to BlackBoard, however he wants to view it and make recommendations for revisions prior to uploading. Can someone assist in the best way to do this? Do I just publish for an LMS? 

I apologize for the many questions, I've just never sent a file this way before.

Walt Hamilton

I think you need to start with the client. It sounds like he thinks SL publishes to a single file that he can manipulate. He needs to understand that a finished SL product contains over 100 files that all need to work together to create the product the user sees.

If he wants an HTML5 version, publish to the web, send him the folder, and point him to start with  the "story_html5.html" file.

If he wants to review and tweak it, he has to have his own copy of Storyline. In that case, just send him the  ".story" file and he can publish it.

If he just wants to review it and comment, I think I would publish for Web. Then I would create an .html page (ReviewMe.html) with one link to the story_html5 file and save it outside the  "XXXXX- storyline - output" folder. Then zip that file and the output file and send. When he unzips it, he can click on the ReviewMe file and get sent to the html5 file, without the fear that he will click on the wrong link, or not be able to find the link.

Publishing for an LMS is the best way, because you will eventually have to do that, and it is best to review the product in its intended environment. However, if you do, he has to take the zipped file (without changing or unzipping it) and upload it to the LMS. If you are confident he has the ability and permissions to do that, it is the best way. Otherwise you may be ahead to send the review published for the Web.