Frustrated with quiz and seek a solution!

Apparently, what I am trying to accomplish is not possible in a standard way, and so I am trying some pretty quirky workarounds that are driving me nuts.

Here is what I want to do:

1. I have one page with clicks to 9 separate text entry quiz interactions (I need users to enter survey-type responses) each with its own result slide

2. Since users may want to change their responses a numbe rof times during the course of the module, I need them to be able to submit each response and then view it, and edit it with any changes that they may want to make.

3. I want to collect their responses in Articulate Online (or another tin can LMS if necessary) for iPad and desktop

As a workaround, I am trying to track what a user enters and "submits" to a result slide, but then have a seamless way to reset that result slide and put them back into the quiz, without them losing what they entered previously until they are done editing...

The only way I have been able to come close to this is by setting up a hidden link for each quiz link on the main launch page such that when a user clicks on the link they are actually toggling back and forth between identical quiz items--they launch the hidden quiz item; display any text that they may have entered in the first item (tracked with a variable); reset the result slide; and then repopulate it with any new data that they enter.

This gets pretty mind-bending real fast. I have one quiz sequence working, but when I try to replicate it, I seem to get lost in the convoluted logic. (Not sure if I am even explaining it coherently!)

Is there any way, short of javascript (not available on the iPad) for doing this? I wanted to store the data as quiz results only because that seems to be the only way to access the contents of variables used in a course.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...perhaps I am missing something really simple!


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Mike Enders


In thinking about this a little bit further...allowing them to change the answer is doable.  However, allowing them to edit their actual entry after they submit it isn't something that's currently supported.  So your desire to reset and have them go back in and edit without losing what they've already typed is a great idea and would make a great feature request!


Steve Flowers

I think you could do that with a "mirror variable" and a trigger on each quiz component. 

1) You have a quiz field associated with a variable textEntry1.

2) On your submit button, before submitting the interaction, stuff the value of textEntry1 into textEntry1_m.

3) When you reset the quiz, it'll clear out your variables with the original text entry but won't touch your mirrored variables.

4) On each quiz screen, stuff the value of your "mirror" back into the quiz field.

5) ???

6) Profit

That should get it using built in features.

Mark Kizilos

Thanks for the replies. I am still fumbling around trying to use Storyline to Create something that is more like am aop than a course, and I am new to the quizzing functions. it seems that os at the cruz of my problem. I think the simplest solution ai have come up with is to hold off on submitting a series of essay format fields (with character limit function...very nice!). I came up with some other complicated solutins, but everything else violated a user's expectations regarding how the entry and editing of text should work. So, I think this will work.

(I have signed up for the Articulate Online 30-day trial now that tin can is included....very nice!)

Thanks again for the replies.