Frustration with slide navigation

I built a review section with a menu. Each of the buttons links to the first slide in a different scene. Each slide in the scenes has a HOME button back to the menu. Here are the problems:

·         When I go HOME after viewing a section of a scene and then click the button linking to the same starting slide, it doesn’t go to the slide, it resumes where I left off in the scene, perhaps several slides later.

·         The “Prev” slide navigation button doesn’t work. It just pauses playback for an instant.

·         If I watch the entire scene and try to repeat it by clicking the button, it flashes quickly through the slides but won’t let me watch the scene again.

·         If I use the Storyline Menu, I can see that the already-visited slides are grayed out.

How do I turn off this feature so the user can watch scenes over and over if so desired? (Resume in Player Properties doesn't help with this.)

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