Frustrations with Storyline

There is lots to like about Storyline ... but lots of frustrations as well.  I don't know how many times I've gone to save my work only to have a message that Storyline has encountered a problem and shuts down before it saved my work.  Because there's no autosave or document recovery, I have to replace all the work I've done since the last save.  Another frustration is the undo button.  God forbid if I forget myself and use it because it undoes hours more work than the one small item I wanted to undo - and if you hit redo you only gain back a fraction of what was lost.  I would strongly recommend that these frustrations be addressed in the very near future.  It costs me hours of work and my time is valuable when trying to get a course completed for a deadline.

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Jeff Forrer

Hello.  I have been using Storyline since it came out and maybe had once or twice it shut down over the year with the issue you describe.  I am curious as to what configuration of system that you have?  Unfortunate that you are seeing this problem. I wonder if it is conflicting with other software on your system or your hardware?  I run this on 2-3 machines flawlessly.  These are all Windows 7 and 8 machines with 8 or more MB of RAM.  

Regarding undo, it sounds like that has been fixed in the latest version out today, have you tried that version?  I am curious to see if the newest version helps your issues?  Thanks