Full Screen Mode and Exiting Course

Apr 23, 2013

We want our learners to be able to access Articulate content via Moodle (our learning portal).

Our users access Moodle in 'Full Screen Mode'. When I have tested loading Articulate content from Moodle, everything works perfectly, however, when the 'Exit' option is selected from the course, the 'The content has ended. You may close this window' message appears (see screen shot above), and there is no visible way for the user to return to Moodle, as the 'Close' button isn't visible (due to Full Screen Mode).

Any suggestions?

  • Is it possible for the message not to appear, i.e. after selecting 'Exit' in the course, the screen returns to Moodle immediately?
  • Can I change the message so that it reads something like 'Press ALT and F4 to return...'

All suggestions gratefully received! Thanks

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