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So I been looking around the discussion boards about how to full screen a video.

From what I can tell, you can't full screen an imported video.

I am able to full screen a Vimeo video via "Video from Website" but the problem is that I do not have control over the video from the Storyline player slide. For example if the vimeo video is playing in the slide and the user pauses the video, the video does not respond. I do not believe that you can control a "Video from Website" via trigger?

Also, if I pause the vimeo video from the vimeo video, the storyline progress bar is still advancing.

Has anyone found a way to control a vimeo video with triggers?



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Tom!

Great questions! First, we don't offer a full-screen option for viewing media. Right now, there are two display options for videos; on the slide or in a new browser. 

For the second question, I'd recommend adding a seek bar to the slide. The built-in settings will pause/play the media and timeline. These changes can be made in the Player.