Full Screen View Fails to Constrain SL360 Interface

I am in my 60 day Trial of SL360.  I noticed something today working with a course converted from SL2:  approximately 3/4" of the content along the left side of the interface is cut off in Full Screen view on my PORTRAIT oriented monitor. I cannot see the "Full Screen" nor "X" (Close) controls, and the Variables control is also missing.  When I move the Interface to my LANDSCAPE-oriented monitor, it is correctly "bounded" edge-to-edge by the boundaries of the monitor.

Cut off edge on PORTRAIT-oriented monitor.

I've never had this problem before in SL2. Can anyone give me some likely starting points for troubleshooting this problem? Both monitors are DELL. The one now balking is Model 2001FP. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Brad, 

I don't remember seeing anything similar to this, but here are some initial ideas to help with your troubleshooting.

  • What's the screen resolution on both of your monitors? 
  • Does your computer match or exceed the system requirements here? 
  • Do you only see this on converted SL2 courses? What happens when you open Storyline 360 to a new project? 
    • Have you tried importing a SL2 project vs. opening it directly to SL360?

Let me know what you find when checking into those and we can keep troubleshooting from there! 

Brad Pepin

Thanks for engaging with me on this issue, Ashley!


Good (Landscape) Monitor: 1280 x 1024 (recommended)

Bad (Portrait) Monitor: 1200 x 1600 (recommended)

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: all good EXCEPT Operating System (I'm still on Windows 7 Professional)  DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE ISSUE?  What are the 'known issues" associated with authoring in Windows 7?

SL360 New Project Behavior: the software opens "off edge"

I don't see an option for importing an SL2 project... only a Story Template:

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Brad,

Storyline 360 needs a screen resolution that is at least 1280 pixels wide, so that would explain why the edge is being cut off on your Portrait monitor (which is 1200 pixels wide).

And since you had a question about importing a Storyline 2 file, you'll want to first click New Project to open a blank project, then follow these steps.