Full screen with modern player


I would like to set to display a module full screen (using the modern player) but there is still empty space around slides.

Here are the current settings : 

Browser: Display at a new window
Player size: Scale player to full browser window.

HTML5, Scorm 1.2

I know there is a lot of information on the slide but my client created it in this way so I can't change it. It's ok for a large computer screen but unreadable on a 15 inch pc. How could I make it larger? 

Changing slides sizes doesn't change anything on the LMS (Talentsoft). 

Thank you very much.

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Delphine Froid

Hello Lauren,

Thank you very much ! They have to check this on their LMS but I tried it on moodle and scormcloud and, even if, I chose "full screen" on them, it is still the same. See attachment.

I tried to change slides size (1100x825 or 720x540 or 2047x1035) but the result is similar. 

I was wondering if the reason could be :

- I recorded my screen to create a tutoriel with storyline

- I increased the slide size to add a text (below the video) and a shape (on the right of the video)

It seems to be ok when you create a "simple" slide but maybe having a video tutorial included could create conflicts?

Thank you for your help !