Fullscreen content in mobile player - problems!

Has anyone managed to fill the screen with content and still kept main top and bottom nav bars in place on the mobile player?

Publishing to mobile player on iPad and I get a border of wasted space around my content. I know it's possible to double finger zoom out and content fits exactly (as long as 1024 x 768 is stage size etc) but then all the player navigation bars disappear! Seems like a useless function to me and very inhibiting - a better example is the adobe content viewer player in which the nav bar just appears when users presses at edges of screen.

Also, ARTICULATE take note - why is there no "menu" button on the mobile player?

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Phil Mayor

The player does not allow this currently, you could put in a feature request.  The screen will zoom to fit as long as the ratio is 4:3, and the reccommended screen size from articulate is 720x540 for iPad

Never used the adobe player, does this mean you lose the edge of the screen as an area to add clickable content?

Paul Knights

Hi Phil, how do you go about 'requesting a feature'?

Re: No, the area is still available for dragging / swiping through the screens but its clever enough to detect a single click and then bring on the nav bars. Very good UX design. Also, content rarely has the need for interaction at the very edges in any case.